Geometry and Complex Variables

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    Geometric Complex Analysis : In Honor of Kang-Tae Kim's 60th Birthday, Gyeongju, Korea, 2017

    I hope they are usable as a quick and dirty introduction to the subject. Do note that much is missing.

    Pantographs and the Geometry of Complex Functions - Infinite Series

    For example, neither the Levi form, nor pseudoconvexity is mentioned. The focus is on geometry using Hermitian forms rather than analysis. Some of the material has been used, and given further polish, in the self contained introductory book Tasty Bits of Several Complex Variables , which is meant as a full semester course the the basics of Several Complex Variables. The notes are also not completely self contained.

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    • Specialization Algebra/Algebraic geometry?
    • Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry!
    • Several Complex Variables and the Geometry of Real Hypersurfaces;
    • There are many proofs in the beginning sections about complex geometry that are left out due to lack of time in the course. Some material from the course did not make it into these notes and vice-versa. There are most likely many typos and minor errors throughout hopefully no major ones , so be wary.

      Do email me at with any errors that you find.