Plant Abiotic Stress

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Record number Title Identification of plant genes for abiotic stress resistance Author s Dixit, S.

Omics and Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance

Source Wageningen University. Promotor en : Maarten Koornneef, co-promotor en : A. Stress-tolerant plants have evolved certain adaptive mechanisms to display different degrees of tolerance, which are largely determined by genetic plasticity.

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Differential stress tolerance could be attributed to differences in plant reactivity in terms of stress perception, signal transduction and appropriate gene expression programs, or novel metabolic pathways that are restricted to tolerant plants. The hypothesis that the genetic program for tolerance is at least to some extent also present.

Mafalda Nina. Emerging Technologies to Manage Abiotic Stress in Agricultural Crop Systems

ABA is an important phytohormone and plays a critical role in response to various stress signals. The unpredictable environmental stress conditions associated with climate change are significant challenges to global food security, crop productivity, and agricultural sustainability. Rapid population growth and diminishing resources necessitate the development of crops that can adapt to environmental extremities. Although significant advancements have been made in developing plants through improved crop breeding practices and genetic manipulation, further research is necessary to understand how genes and metabolites for stress tolerance are modulated, and how cross-talk and regulators can be tuned to achieve stress tolerance.

Molecular Plant Abiotic Stress: Biology and Biotechnology is an extensive investigation of the various forms of abiotic stresses encountered in plants, and susceptibility or tolerance mechanisms found in different plant species. In-depth examination of morphological, anatomical, biochemical, molecular and gene expression levels enables plant scientists to identify the different pathways and signaling cascades involved in stress response.

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This timely book:. Molecular Plant Abiotic Stress: Biology and Biotechnology is a valuable source of information for students, academics, scientists, researchers, and industry professionals in fields including agriculture, botany, molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology, and plant physiology.

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