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She is told she will benefit from his past experience and excellent technique. When they finally do have their wedding night, Douglas puts in a less than stellar performance.

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For some reason, he loses all control with Alexandra, never thinking for a moment that she could be special. The dialogue that follows is delightful. Arrogant pup that he is blames everthing from the bedroom atmosphere to his wife, but never heaven forbid himself. Only when he discovers that he loves his wife can he actually get it right. As with every good love story, a plot twist prevents our hero from professing his love. This particular plot twist comes in the form of a Frenchman with a grudge who kidnaps Alexandra.

Yes, folks, we finally do get a happy ending! This book sets up nicely the second book in the series The Hellion Bride. I only wish there were more Sherbrooke siblings for Coulter to write about! This particular book started my never-ending romance adventure. I often re-read this when waiting for a new release. I particularly love the character of Douglas. Every woman should experience a Douglas at least once in her life. The dialogue was great! He spends half his time explaining how great he usually is then blames everything including the bed for not living up to the legend in his own mind.

It did my heart proud to see him finally get it right and he only had to realize that he was in love with Alex.

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The were hot and humerous! What a combination. I understand that there are a few more stories of their children, but I have not read any. First book introduces us to all Sherbrooke's, but it's the story of Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe. This was one arrogant, crude, rude, and utterly loving tyrant of a man. He is one of those heroes that we hate to love and we try very hard to put up with all his rude, autocratic behavior only because deep down in our hearts we know that only love motivates this man to put up with all the weirdness and antics this family dishes up for him.

Only love for his brother Ryder would motivate our hero to put up with their quarterly "bastard meetings". Only love would keep him from not murdering his cousin Tony for taking the only woman he EVER considered marrying. Douglas in the end of the book becomes, or grows I should say, into a fully fledged hero we knew him to be from the beginning.

Alexandra Chambers is a sweet, loveable albeit plain, and yet very strong young woman who loved this man since she was fifteen. From the beginning of this story, I was frustrated with her meek behavior and I rooted for her to stand up and fight her man-for her man!

And just when I thought she's down for the count, she picks herself up, and boy does she come up swinging! I greatly anticipated Douglas' downfall! Oh, and he did fall! In rereading this story, I got reminded about why CC's books appealed to me. The book is very well written with rich and engaging three-dimensional characters.

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A good dose of humor and a little intrigue added to it, and viola, we have a first-rate romance novel! Some might say that the sex scenes were graphic, but to me they were entertaining and tastefully written. I got a kick out of Douglas' loss of control of his passion for Alex. It's nice to see a man lose control once in a while, don't you think? All in all, a very good read. As I neared the end of this book, I decided to go ahead and reread all four of the Bride series and I was so glad I did.

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It surprised me also to find out that this time around, I liked Ryder's story most of all, and I understood Sinjin's story and the controversy of spousal rape better than I did the first time I read it. At the end of the series, I felt like visiting long-lost family members, and yet I was glad to go home after a short visit. If you never read this author, please find her earlier titles. She used to write well. I'm not sure what happened to her writing lately, but as of now my disappointment still stands. I hope to change my mind, but I'm not holding my breath. I would love to hear from all of you about CC and her books.

ALL opinions are more than welcome! View all 4 comments. Mar 13, Sonia rated it it was ok. Usually I don't read a book without reading reviews of what other people thought of the book, but I just happened to see this book and decided to try it. Now the whole idea sounded nice, where Douglas gets an unexpected bride, Alexandra, so I understood his temper at the beginning at being deceived, but I kept on getting frustrated as the novel went on because he kept comparing her to her beautiful sister Melissande and just humiliating her sometimes.

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And the love scenes were awful in my opinion Usually I don't read a book without reading reviews of what other people thought of the book, but I just happened to see this book and decided to try it. And the love scenes were awful in my opinion, I just felt no connection between them, and it sounded rather cold as if he was just using her. Now there were some sweet scenes where he takes care of her during her fever and bits of humor where she attacks him with a table.

While he does redeem himself somewhat by saying he loves her and all, it still wasn't enough to make this a truly enjoyable novel. While I was really looking forward to reading the series, I am now somewhat hesitant, especially since the next brother for Hellion Bride, Ryder does not sound at all likable or responsible, especially with the nonchalance that he keeps on having children out of wedlock.

Once again the plot sounds interesting but I don't know if the story will be that great. Apr 21, Regan Walker rated it really liked it Shelves: regency , earlyth-century. In it, we are introduced to the family and most prominently, the elder brother, Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe.


Douglas, a cold man who takes seriously his duty as head of the household, has no real interest in marrying except to fulfill his duty to produce an heir. In considering the woman he will take as a bride, he decides on the one woman he recalls, the stunningly beautiful Melissande, who he once courted only to leave her for the army. And so, when called to France for a special assignment, he sends his best friend, Tony, to wed her by proxy. In a bizarre twist, Melissande ends up wed to Tony, who marries Alexandra to Douglas by proxy. And to make matters worse, there is a troubling appearance of the family ghost, the Virgin Bride.

Coulter writes well and tells a good tale. I am a fan of hers and always find her books a good read, hence I want to read more in the series. View 2 comments. Jan 04, Aayesha Khatri rated it liked it Shelves: alpha-hero , bad-tempered-hero , hero-is-honourable-and-moral , hero-is-charming-charismatic , rich-guy-poor-girl-theme , gothic-theme , heroine-understanding-sympathetic , romance-angsty , trope-pregnancy , hero-i-didnt-like.

I'd read Catherine Coulter as a very young girl of 14, and I didn't like her at all back then. This book certainly did change my opinion, but I don't think I'll be reading any more of her books - they're too heavy and don't have enough candies-rainbows-and-unicorns-kind-of-sweet romance to suit me. I loved the book in the beginning. It made me laugh out loud, snort and chuckle and just basically - I loved it. Coulter writes very well, there's a depth to her characters that you don't normally see, I'd read Catherine Coulter as a very young girl of 14, and I didn't like her at all back then.

Coulter writes very well, there's a depth to her characters that you don't normally see, and they have many sides to them. Her plot was deep too, just like her characters. I didn't like the romance development between the two, and I hated the sex scenes - they put me off. It was actually the hero's attitude towards sex with his wife that disgusted me. Maybe others might like this stuff, but deep, heavy romance without sweetness is certainly not my cup of tea.

I'm giving the book 3 stars because I did enjoy some parts, and I loved it in the beginning - I loved dammit, I fnished reading it 6 hours ago and I've already forgotten his name, HOW am I so bad with names? Douglas's had to go and look up his name character. He was so delightful and swoon-worthy in the beginning, with his prized control and the way he carried himself.

What I didn't like was how immature and stupid he acted when he didn't get whom he wanted to marry - he literally threw a hissy fit for days.