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Except, while that earlier crossover was an accident, this time the effect seems to have been produced on purpose. The ship carefully maintains its distance, while trying to determine the best way back home.

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Meanwhile, Mirror-Stewart dies from a virus that Crusher theorizes was designed by her counterpart, revealing that Mirror-Riker and Mirror-Troi did not expect him to return. Eventually Picard 's crew decides that the only way is to infiltrate the Imperial vessel and examine whatever apparatus they used to cause the transfer. La Forge and Troi are selected to carry out the mission — La Forge because of his computer skills, Troi because her counterpart's position as the ship's "security officer" would allow them unfettered access. However, the away team soon runs into difficulties which require that Picard join them aboard the Imperial vessel.

After Troi and La Forge incapacitate Picard's counterpart, and stash him in a closet aboard his quarters, they take refuge in an engineering crawlspace while Picard has to spend a day as "himself" aboard the Imperial vessel. It is a harrowing experience:.

A Big Freeze, Rip or Crunch: how will the Universe end?

Picard gleans that the ISS Enterprise is waiting for an opportunity to pounce on its "primary universe" counterpart. On an "inspection" tour of engineering, Picard realizes that the Imperials' plan is to capture the vessel intact, then massacre its crew and return to the primary universe, masquerading as their counterparts. After a few months of gathering all necessary intelligence on Starfleet 's dispositions and defenses, the Empire will invade, challenging the Federation , Klingons , and Romulans on multiple fronts — the mirror universe Starfleet projects that they may be able to conquer the entire quadrant in as little as a year.

While La Forge and Troi continue their attempts to penetrate the Imperial vessel's computers, Picard decides he needs to slow them down with a little sabotage of his own. He takes a handful of surgical nanites borrowed from Beverly Crusher, reprograms them with sabotage instructions, and slips them into the ship's systems. Within an hour, its systems are crashing, leaving it dead in the water. Troi and Picard also incapacitate La Forge's counterpart, and Picard orders "La Forge" to get to work repairing the ship, allowing La Forge to access the computers.

Unfortunately, La Forge is betrayed by one of his assistants, and tortured by Security Officer Troi in the agony booth, where he breaks just enough to allow Troi to realize who "Picard" really is. Picard rushes to his counterpart's cabin just as the other Picard is regaining consciousness. The two fight, and Picard-prime knocks mirror-Picard out just as Troi's guards storm into the room, killing Barclay in the process. Picard is so enraged at this senseless murder that he forgets his cover and vents that rage full-bore at Troi — an emotional overload that shocks her.

Mistaking the unconscious Picard for the primary universe imposter, Troi weakly orders it taken to the booth, then quickly retreats. During the confrontation with Troi, Picard is discomfited to realize that that universe's Worf has realized who he really is.

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Worf does not speak up, however, and he says he will help Picard and his crew escape — a small return for the momentary kindness Picard showed him while acting as the ship's captain. Troi, acting as her counterpart, has La Forge released from the torture chambers, and they rendezvous with Picard.

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Before they flee the Imperial ship, Picard repeats the advice given by James T. Kirk to that universe's Spock a hundred years earlier: that the Empire's eventual collapse is inevitable, and now, with the Empire grasping at straws to find "new worlds to conquer", that collapse is closer than ever.

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And after our supper and before we wake early to take them ice fishing, we pull out the couch and give them pillows and blankets and maybe even the granny-square afgan, and they get to sleep by the woodstove with the extra cats and know that they are welcome. When the doors of the express opened at 72 Street, the local was waiting.

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She entered with me, tall and angular as a crane, her expression alert, violin poised against her clavicle like a wing. The train was half-empty, the passengers dozing or absorbed in their smartphones. She stood at one end of the car, her gaze swiftly appraising us, while the doors slid shut. Closing her eyes, she lifted her bow and dipped her chin, and into that pause went all the years of preparation that had brought her to this moment. The train accelerated in a rush of cacophony, her music welled up, and I recognized a Bach concerto blossoming to fullness like an ever-opening rose.

I was crying for no reason and every reason, in front of strangers. The music was contrast and balm, like sunlight in subterranean air. The tears wet on my cheeks,. I broke into applause, joined by her fellow passengers.

Data Shows Universe Could Collapse Any Minute – Science World

Making my offering, I exited, too shy to catch her eye. Its echo resounded in my memory, following me into the glory of the summer afternoon. It is with me still. Day fourteen in the radiation waiting room and the elderly man sitting next to me says he gives thanks every day because he can still roll over and climb out of bed. We wear the same cotton gowns--repeating patterns of gold stars on a field of blue--that gape in back, leaving our goose bump flesh exposed.

Lately, I too, give thanks for the things I can do-- sit, stand, take my next breath. Thanks for my feet, my fingers, the ears on my head. He is a hungry soul, forever foraging to feed his mortal appetite. Like him, I want more of everything: more light, more life, another cup of Darjeeling tea and a silver teaspoon to stir it with.

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Each day, supine on the table, I listen to the razoring whine of the radiation beam. It hurts to lie still, the table sharp as an ice floe beneath the bones of my spine. Still, I give thanks for the hands that position me, their measurements and marking pens, the grid of green light that slides like silk across my skin. I close my eyes and think of the jay.